Welcome 6th Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Class: 6th Period Pre-AP Geometry A
Meets Mondays : 11:25 - 12:05 pm
Wednesdays/Fridays: 10:10 - 11:35

December 9, 2009
We watched Flatlands and questioned whether or not we would do the review sheet.

December 7,2009
I was absent...sorry guys

Decemember 2, 2009
notes in pages 132 and 134 on Inequalities in a triangle and the notes go on page 83 in your composition notebook Classwork: pg. 331-341 1-41 Every other odd In the text book Homwork: In the workbook pages. 163-164 1-36odd We also went to the computer lan to enter data on the feltron chart with group captins access only e-mailed to members by captions.
November 30, 2009
Do now: pg. 88 in composition notebook (solve for X) Homework: go to the twitter page(my math class) awnser the question on the page Numner to text to is 1849 to 99503 Took notes on page 82 in compbook Made triangles out of Folder cutouts and recorded data on a chart thats also on page 82

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DO Now: Notes pg 121 (from NTG pgs 211)

Classwork: Skill Test 10 Lab to sign up for gmail, wikispace and complete Assignment 1.

Group Feltron Form (http://mymathclasss09.wikispaces.com/feltronproject)

Friday, November 20,2009

Do now: TAKS workbook pg.131 # 1-6 all (paste wrong awnsers on pg.34 in composition notebook)

HMWK: 8.5 textbook pgs. 546-547 1-30 EOO

GOAL: use properties of trapezoids and kites (pg.123 in compostion book) vocabulary on page 213 in the NTG along with the theorems on Pg.214/216 NTG paste on Pg. 125 in composition book (theorems 8.14/8.15/8.16/8.17/8.18/8.19)
CW: 8.5 WKBK pgs 157-158 1-16 odd